Jay Rock (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Hood Gone Love It

What can I say about Jay Rock? Not much without doing him a huge injustice. This dude bangs on tracks. He is the embodiment of the hood, not some cheesy rapper telling tales of a hard life he never lived, Jay Rock’s songs are pumped full of gritty realism that only come from years spent growing up in Watts, California. He’s an expert storyteller, his magnetic voice draws you into his accounts of life in the hood, much along the lines of rappers like Biggie and N.W.A. I know everybody and their brother are compared to the B.I.G., but this guy is Biggie’s California counterpart, telling tales of growing up in impoverished neighborhoods, slinging rock, gang recruiting, and paper chasing. Basically Jay Rock is straight from the streets. That’s all you really need to know. Combine that with the mellifluous rhymes of Kendrick Lamar and you have an instant classic, Black Hippy in full effect.

It’s about time he puts out another banger, his previous single “All My Life” was on every playlist I burned in 2008. Personal preference dictates & I prefer the original over the vastly more popular remix, but both feature some heavy hitting guest appearances, along with numerous other rappers freestyling over the beat (check out Wiz’s addition to the song on his Burn After Rolling mixtape).

I admire Jay Rock for his priorities in the game, he makes his music for his fans. He’s not after radio play or club jams. He’s in the business for all the right reasons. His songs carry a heavily reminiscent tone, stirring up the nostalgia of days spent drinking 40’s on the front porch and barbecuing with your friends. Hard times and hood life sum up the essence of his songs, and each one is a banger. A few well produced tracks and this guy is already bumping, glad to see he teamed up with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League on this one.

You ain’t gotta like it.

Director: Dan Gedman


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