Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends

Portugal. The Man has recently infected my brain with his gnarly riffs and sly vocals. It’s indescribable. I don’t even know how to begin to categorize his sound but all that I know is that I like it. A lot.

Maybe I better try to describe it, but I’m only going to use one word to keep things brief, incandescent. Like a light bulb. Alright this analogy isn’t going to make any sense but I’ve already started it, so let’s proceed. It starts off slow and leaves you in the dark, unsure of whether or not this song has anything to it, but as soon as the current begins, the entire song glows white-hot and makes you feel something. If it doesn’t do that for you, I’m sorry I don’t know what to say, maybe you’re dead inside or deaf, either way I’m remorseful that you won’t ever experience sitting around replaying the song in your head long after the YouTube video has stopped because you don’t want to stop listening to it.

That might make sense only to myself.

Anyways this single is off the band’s upcoming LP, produced with Danger Mouse,  Evil Friends.

Album out June 4th.

Stay Gold,

Wyatt Jones

More tracks to check out: “Purple, Yellow, Red & Blue“, “Sleep Forever“, “So American

Director: Michael Ragen


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