alt-J – Breezeblocks

Indie rock group Alt-J looks to test the bounds of comprehension with their videos, and this one is no different. This indie rock group from across the pond gives you this bass heavy track with a choose your own adventure story played in reverse. Alt J is computer code for the Greek letter delta, which in mathematical terms equates to “the change in”. I’m not entirely sure what that has to do with anything here, but I’m pretty distracted right now by a cat who is attempting to eat the drawstrings of my hoodie.

Cats are weird. Alt-J is weird. I like them both.

Things escalate quickly on this track and about 2 minutes in the bass kicks up and you really feel the emotion of the song, just make sure your speakers are set to loud.

Post your explanations for the music video below because this story has more unexplained character depth than a Law and Order SVU episode. Where’ Olivia Benson?!


These guys kick ass so make sure you check out their other tracks below.

Wyatt Jones

Further listening – “Taro“, “Fitzpleasure“, “Tesselate“, “Something Good

Side Note: I don’t especially like all cats, just my own and his name is Paarthurnax. He will maul your face off without a second thought so you might want to think twice about getting close to him, not that your could because he is a ninja dragon. He once taught Lil Bub how to reach Nirvana. When he was younger, he dueled a silly cat that thought he was better than him. Now that cat has down syndrome and puts bags on his head, I think his name was Maru or something. Grumpy Cat is grumpy because Paarthurnax stole his kitty pussy, bitch don’t kill my vibe. You really don’t want to cross him or you’ll wake up face to face with him breathing the worst tuna puke breath at you contemplating whether or not he’s going to stick his paw in your mouth or not. He’s less cat and more legend.

Director: Ellis Bahl
Cinematography: Pat Scola
Production Company: Project Fathom


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