Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)

It’s about time I dedicate a post to the best rapper in the game right now, following on the waves Big Sean’s Control created a few weeks ago, the timing seems appropriate.

Kendrick takes the title. Hands down.

He’s re-birthed rap music, brought it back to it’s roots using music as an outlet to depict the harsh realities faced by not only a racial but an entire socioeconomic group. The moral dilemmas experienced by various characters from his neighborhood (based on friends and family encountered while growing up in Compton) develops into a lucid story told throughout his major label debut Good Kid, m.A.A.d City. The art of storytelling prevails as Kendrick takes on some very heavy subjects and showcases the versatility of his art.

As of right now he can’t be touched.

Swimming Pools seemed like the perfect choice and exemplifies the depth of his lyrics. If you only listen to the hook, it would appear Lamar is condoning social alcoholism but the song in a whole depicts his own struggles with peer pressure and the culturally accepted practice of over-consumption. This dude literally has to dumb down his lyrics, so he’s not misunderstood by others in the rap community (listen to his interview with Hot 97 about his verse on Control). He drops one verse on a song and the effects rippled across the entire rap community for weeks, triggering many reactions both positive and negative. For a small guy standing at only 5’6″ his weight is undeniable.

The bar has been raised. Meaningless similes, nonsensical metaphors and hearing about how much money you have or weed you smoke is a thing of the past. I think Kendrick said it best –

Real people want real music, the jig is up.

Director: Jerome D. Hurd
Cinematography: Krystof Andres



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