Jon Connor – Devil Is A Lie (Freestyle)


Just in time for opening day, Jon Connor drops a great video to accompany his freestyle over the Rick Ross x Jay-Z track “Devil Is A Lie”. A master at lyrical homicide, Jon Connor is the best in the world at what he does, and this track is another benchmark in his ascension to prominence. This Flint, Michigan native has been dropping bar after bar of rapid fire rhymes over the crème de la crème of rap beats for the last decade. And he’s got the proof to substantiate his claim – with cosigns from the likes of Nas and Busta Rhymes – oh and also Dr. Dre signed him to the Aftermath label last winter.

Connor Season has arrived and with it you can further indulge by checking out Jon Connor’s latest mixtape on DatPiff, where you’ll hear Connor jump on you favorite Kanye’s beats – “The Late Registration of a College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy of 808’s and Heartbreak

If you need a little more inspiration and to better understand who Jon Connor is and where he comes from check out the trailer for his album Unconscious State; it breathes sincerity and tenders the young emcee’s positivity to all aspiring artists and dreamers.

Wyatt Jones

Some more great Jon Connor freestyles – Reppin 4 Flint, Someone Like Me, American Psycho & Push To The Limit (CBS Sports Inside College Basketball Intro)


Director: Jason Shaltz


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