Fe – Daffodils Of Paris

The mysterious Fe has resurfaced with her signature silkily muted vocals to whisk us on a solitary trip through the streets of Paris. Her lyrics pair with the monochromatic visuals to chronicle her own introspection as she wrestles with her own isolation amongst a false reality that has monopolized the public surrounding her.

As the second verse closes, you begin to sense her recognition that these people are embracing a misunderstood reality as truth. Her night time shadows impart a strong correlation to Plato’s allegory of the cave and suggests that these cultural norms which constitute reality for the general public only do so because they have never known anything else. Those around her are unaware that what they see is merely manipulated shadows in front of a fire and are not real. As she cogitates this, she continually asserts her belief that it is better to be alone than be part of such a counterfeit existence.


Director: Fe Knight & Djamel Boucley


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