Kendrick Lamar – God Is Gangsta

A short film set to ‘u’ and ‘For Sale?’, both from the Grammy-nominated To Pimp A Butterly.

Clearance Sale: 100% Off
Life Is Like A Box Of Chicken
Instagram 2016 = Dussy Unlimited
If I Blame You For A Loss. I’ll Be Giving You All The Credit
Good Dussy Can Make You Melt
Always Trust A Nigga With Cornrolls
Time Is Change. Your Friend Or Foe
Never Trust A Nigga With Too Many Hair Cuts
Tracy Ellis Ross Is Vibrant
I Made Money. I Lost Money. I Did It Again
Dussy Salary Cap
I Followed Your Rules For Way Too Long
Night Like This I Wish. That Bomb Head Would Fall
My Taste Bloods Is Expensive
You’ll Buy The Mall If Lust Involved. The Evils Of It All
You Played The Game. I Pimped It
God Is Gangsta

Director: Jack Begert & PANAMAERA
Cinematography: David Bolen
Choreography: Aziz Baki


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